"Parry-Riposte Films has filmed and edited several video projects for the American Heart Association in Los Angeles and I've never been disappointed with this company's work. Nathaniel Beaver is a consummate professional and talented filmmaker. He always shows up on time and takes the task with a great understanding of our vision and needs for any given project. His first cut usually requires no major edits and he delivers projects on time. His work is of high quality and I recommend his services without hesitation."
-Kristine Mosqueda-Kelly, (Senior Director, American Heart Association Los Angeles)

"WOW!! Goose bumps! I love this video!! Great work!! Very impactful! Fantastic! You are so awesome!! Thank you!"
- Louise Skosey (Development Officer, Providence Saint Joseph Foundation)

"Parry-Riposte Films is everything you are looking for in a production company. Fast, efficient and good. Each project we've worked on together has exceeded client expectations. They are top notch." - Jordan Podos (Producer, See.Spot.Cut.)

"Dood! DOOD! DOOD!!! Dude, I knew you were good, but this sizzle is so, so, so effing fantastic! I don't even know where to start! It's visually stunning, funny as hell and so much fun! I'm literally blown away right now! You are a world-class badass! So amped to have you on our squa!. Can we please do more of this stuff? I'd love to have you as part of our inner-circle if you'll have us!"
- Ryan Spindell (Director, Trapdoor Pictures)

"Parry-Riposte Films is hands down the best one stop shop for creating tight, creative content, and whose production value is second to none."
- T. Justin Ross (Producer, Trapdoor Pictures)

"This is GREAT!! You did such a KNOCK out job with this video. I really appreciate the craftsmanship you exhibited in your editing. I think you really captured the essence that will pull at people's hearts...which is exactly why the American Heart Association wanted with this video. EXCEPTIONAL job! THANK YOU! Way to KNOCK IT OUT!!"
- Papa Joe Aviance (Producer, Papa Joe Networks)

"Nathaniel Beaver is quite simply the best videographer I have worked with in my twenty years of being in business. He's smart. He's quick. And, he is incredibly conscientious. He is always my first choice."
-Ginger Crowley (Owner, CrowleyCom)

"Working with Parry Riposte Films for the realization of FringeTV has been a fantastic experience. We collect thousands of hours of footage for each of our festivals and no one is better equipped to synthesize all of this film into a cohesive experience that best represents the wonderful chaos that is the Fringe. Nathaniel Beaver and his staff are imaginative, competent and efficient. We look forward to a long and rich partnership."
- Ben Hill (Festival Director, Hollywood Fringe Festival)

"Nathaniel is a professional editor with a passion for his work. I've had the opportunity to see his skills at work during cool creative film projects from the pre-production development of a story to the final edit. Because of his passion to his projects, I've always trusted his professionalism for my video clients. I have full confidence in Nathaniel with all my videos projects going forward. He's a great person to work with and an awesome buddy."
- Osbaldo Velazquez (Producer, Alcanza Mas)

"Nathaniel Beaver is an AMAZING, patient Editor!! Collaborating with him is a smooth, creative & super fun process! I've worked with many editors in the past, and they are often very opinionated about how things "should" look. Beav really understands what his clients want, delivers and then makes "suggestions" that take your Project to the Next Level!! I LOVED working with this guy!!"
- Ernie G (Empowerment Comedian)

"I've used Parry-Riposte Films for several reasons over the past few years. Beav has always been easy to work with - a whiz at editing a lot of material in a short amount of time and someone that has a natural eye for what works and what doesn't. He consistently goes above and beyond by offering the highest quality production service with a respectful and professional attitude. I would work with him again in a heartbeat."
- Matt Jordon (Owner, Stout Adventure)

"You killed it man! I owe you big! First off, you saved my life from a 10k crushing me :) and you were always on it no matter what! Let me know if there's anything I can do for ya!"
- Tim Jensen (Director of Photography)

"Ding! ding! ding! Knocked it out!!! Thank you for the amazing work! It dropped like a bang, and I got a job within 24 hours of posting this demo reel online. I hope it's only a taste of what's to come! Thank you, again. I'm so proud of it and a lot of the credit must go to you. You're the man!"
- Cameron Ward (3D VFX artist)

"I am a repeat client of Parry-Riposte Films, and have been working with them for short films and demo-reels. I can always count on Nathaniel Beaver's creativity, experience and professionalism. I will be back!!!"
- Larry St. James (Actor)

"Wow, just wow. That video came out so great!!! Thank you guys so much. You have a lot of skill with the angles and creativity. I look forward to seeing your other projects."
- Sabine Durden (Owner, Dom Hugs)

"Omg Nathaniel no words. I absolutely love this footage you created. Love it! Love it! Love it!"
Susan & Darrell Carr (Founders, Justin Carr Wants World Peace)

"We sent it to the management company and they loved it. Thanks for doing such a great job on it."
- Timothy McGeary (Writer, TMI)

"I just wanted to thank you for your amazing work on the LA Disaster sketch video. It looks SO GOOD! I know we were under a time crunch that day and you guys really kicked ass. I hope to work with you again soon."
- Janel Benisch (Actress)

"You were great to work with. It was the most fun I have had on a shoot in a very long time and I owe a lot of that to you. Thank you for keeping the day moving and for knowing what you wanted to capture. Fantastic directing, Nathaniel."
- James Warfield (Actor)